How to Cook an Artichoke in Microwave

What is the fastest way to cook artichokes?

The quickest way to make Artichake and Cook Have a steamer basket ready in a big saucepan that will cook a few centimeters of salted water. Cut off the articulate the top half to 1 inch and remove pickled leaf tips.

How long do I Microwave 2 artichokes?

The artichokes are effectively steamed in the microwave to a tender degree. It takes eight minutes for 2 artichokes (small artichokes) to 9 (medium to large artichokes ). It takes 6 to 7 minutes for one artichoke.

Microwaving Artichokes

Check out: 10 minutes

Cook: ten minutes.

Return: 2 portions

Size of calories: 410

Net Carbs: 6g Net Carbs

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